Commercial Window Cleaning: How Frequently Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

When customers ask Krality Cleaning how frequently they require our commercial window cleaning services, we always answer the same way: “It depends.”

Your facility is exactly what greets customers and prospects, and it’s what gives a first impression – either positive or negative. That’s why it’s essential for companies to maintain their windows clean. A few windows, however, get much dirtier with less effort and more often, needing greater regularity of professional cleaning.

Whilst there aren’t any fast-and-hard rules, a lot of things impact how often you get in touch with the commercial window cleaning professionals, including:

Location. Windows on facilities near to highways and on busy streets get dirty considerably faster compared to those in peaceful suburban areas with only moderate traffic.

Landscaping. In case your building has trees that drip sap, mulched areas resistant to the building, or is together with a parking area, you might need more regular cleaning due to the debris in the air.

Climate. If it is rainier than usual, or if storms have kicked up leaves and debris, you might need a commercial deep cleaning company to clean the windows more regularly to eliminate dirt and mineral deposits left by water.

Framework. While a distinctive building design helps a company’s facility stick out, some design features, for example inset windows, tend to be more vulnerable to gathering dust and grime.

One of the primary factors which enables you to figure out how often your windows ought to be washed, nevertheless, is the kind of business you run. Here’s a basic guideline to assist you to figure out how often your type of facility needs its “eyes on the world” cleaned professionally:


Due to the dampness and grease circulating in the air, it is recommended that dining places get their windows cleaned about every fourteen days, or even more. These windows have to be done in and out. The types of customers you focus on can also help determine the requirement for more frequent cleaning. A family restaurant, for instance, may serve small children and, with them, come sticky fingers. Dirty, grimy, fingerprinted windows are pretty unappetizing and diminish the image of quality and cleanliness you’re trying to project to patrons.

Healthcare Facilities

This consists of physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals, etc. These amenities must present a spotless, well-maintained appearance. Windows, particularly on the floor floor and on floors with patient exam or treatment rooms, ought to be washed monthly. A well-cared-for appearance gives individuals confidence that they, too, are going to be well looked after!

Retail Stores

Businesses with a lot of visitors usually have to be cleaned at least one time a month. You would like passersby to discover your product or service which are on display in your storefront windows, not the grime. Retail stores face tons of competition, so the impression you are making is crucial to a positive image and repeat traffic.

Office Buildings

Typically, office buildings don’t need windows cleaned nearly as often. These kinds of services must have a full cleaning (inside and out) about every six months. The lobbies, however, ought to be cleaned monthly or almost every other month due to how important this area is to making an impression on visitors. Touch-ups on the inside might need to be carried out more regularly, with respect to the kind of business environment – an industrial facility with a workplace may need more regular cleaning because of dust particles and debris in the air.

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